Yard Waste Recycling Service in Sylvania, OH

We Recycle Yard Waste!

recyclingAs an environmental steward and eco-conscious company, A & J Landscape Center is pleased to be able to provide yard waste recycling in Sylvania, Silica, Lucas County, Toledo, and Holland, OH for a wide range of materials. We accept yard waste, brush and more through our compost and recycling facility, giving you peace of mind that your old materials and unnecessary items are being taken care of with full regard for the environment.


Yard Waste

Waste can be brought in loose (i.e. back of pick-up truck) or in containers and both paper and plastic bags are accepted at our recycling site, however plastic bags must be emptied and disposed of by customers. Please keep all materials free of trash and plastics as well—we only accept natural waste items that can be composted! Contaminated green waste is also not accepted. Please see below for a full list of accepted materials and fees:

Waste TypeFeeDetails
Yard waste$1/bag, $2/can, $5/yd3Grass, leaves, sod and soil
Brush$1/bag, $2/can or $5/cu. YdTree branches up to 12 in. diameter and 8 ft. long.
Oversized brush$8/cu. YdTree branches up to 12 in. diameter and over 8 ft. long.
Tree chippingsFREE
Tree chippings w/ firewood sized logs$20/truckload
Tree logs$1/ft.Tree logs between 12 in. and 30 in. diameter.
Oversized tree logs$2/in. cutTree logs greater than 30 in. diameter.
Stumps$2 per cut inchStumps less than 4 ft. diameter
Construction wood$5/yd3At discretion of staff; no clay
Pallets & Construction Wood$5/cu. YdPallets and lumber free of paints, stains, plastics and trash.
Clean sand or dirtFree!At discretion of staff, no clay
Clean stoneFree!At discretion of staff
Spoils$25/truckloadAny dirt/soil mix.
Dirt/stone mix$35/truckload

For more information about any of the products we’re pleased to recycle or to inquire about disposal costs for items that may not be listed above, contact us today at 419-842-8733!